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The Islamic Shura Council is an umbrella organization of Mosques and Muslim organizations serving the Muslims of Southern California and is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit. Since 1995 the Shura Council continues to foster the spirit and culture of "working together" at all levels in one of the most diverse and largest Muslim populations in the country.

The Shura Council's membership covers five counties of Southern California in Los Angeles  Orange  Riverside San Bernardino and Ventura. It closely liaises with the San Diego community and with the establishment of the Northern California Islamic Council - most of the Muslim communities of the State of California are now able to to remain formally connected vibrantly engaged and actively learn from each other for the good of all.

The Shura Council serves as a valuable resource on Islam and Muslims in Southern California to the leadership of all faiths public sector agencies and a myriad of community based organizations. It maintains an ongoing working relationship with a host of social justice organizations and several faith groups to work for the betterment of Southern California.

The Shura Council is led by an elected Board of nine prominent leaders of the Southern California Muslim community who meet each month. Their work and progress is reported to the General Assembly each quarter. Together they deal with pertinent issues of common interest and concern to all Muslims. The current Shura Council Board is comprised of the following:

  1. Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi ISOC - Chairman
  2. Imam Mustafa Umar - IIOC - Vice Chair
  3. Waqas Syed - ICNA Greater LA - Secretary
  4. Hafez Hafez CAIR-LA - Treasurer
  5. Ahmed Azam - ICH
  6. Arbazz Nizami - Sahaba Initiative
  7. Imam Ameen A. Omar - Masjid Al-Shareef
  8. Dr. S. Arif Rizvi - ICSGV
  9. LALMA
  10. Dr. Ahmed Soboh - CVIC
  11. Dr. Hasnain Walji - SIIJLA

Mission: The Islamic Shura Council assists Muslim organizations in serving the Muslim community and the society-at-large. It represents the consensus of its members. It coordinates community activities enables effective communications advocates on behalf of its member organizations and fosters leadership development.

Vision: To be a leading organization for unity and excellence.


Shakeel Syed - Executive Director
Elaine Younes - Office Manager
Imam Abu Ishaq Abdul Hafiz - Prison Outreach Programs and Services Director
Kalim Farooki - Development Director
Muna Sharif - Muslim Speaker's Network Program Coordinator

2015 Committees: (committee head underlined)

Arbitration: Dr. Ahmed Soboh
Bylaws: Dr. Ahmed Soboh & Shakeel Syed
Fundraising & Membership: Dr. S. Arif Rizvi &  Kalim Farooki
Interfaith Relations: Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi & Shakeel Syed
Religious Affairs: Imam Mustafa Umar Imam Taha Hassane & Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi
Youth OutreachImam Mustafa Umar
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