Muslim of the Week

June 17, 2019

Amal Milbes

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is proud to name Amal Milbes as our Muslim of the Week!
Amal Milbes is our youngest Muslim of the Week but deserves recognition for her dedication to her faith and the positive impact she brings to the community around her. The recent high school grad and current Chaffey college student has this to say regarding her impact, “In high school, I used to help people change their perspective of Islam especially to those who don’t know Muslims. I would teach them what Islam means and what it means to be a Muslim. I would always smile at people and greet them when I passed by them in the hall. I would speak to people through my character just like my role model the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him did.”
One of her greatest achievements was memorization of the Quran during high school. She writes, “I have also completed the memorization of the Quran while being involved in leadership programs in high school. I have inspired so many people to believe that they can finish memorizing the Quran and can still have a normal social life and still do good in school and make time for Allah.”
She draws inspiration from her faith and uses that to inspire herself and others. As she puts it, “I believe that Just being a good Muslim and having good character and showing people the true Islam is dawah itself.”
For her dedication to Islam and inspiring those around her at such a young age, we name Amal Milbes as our newest Muslim of the Week.