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Muslim of the Week

July 29, 2019

Imam Mustafa Umar

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is proud to name Imam Mustafa Umar as our Muslim of the Week!
Currently, Imam Mustafa Umar is involved with a variety of projects. As he describes, “I am working on leading California Islamic University to produce more educated Muslims about their own faith.” He also supervises the Link Outside program, is finalizing the publication of an entire syllabus of college-level books for Islamic Studies, and continuing research on contemporary topics in Islamic Law & Theology.
Umar details one of his largest lessons in working with the Muslim community, “One of the biggest lessons I learned working with the Muslim community is that people have varying skill sets. It is counterproductive to assign someone a task with the wrong skill set and training. That is why volunteers require volunteer managers. This is key to getting things done properly.”
The Imam’s journey has been one with twists and turns. He recounts, “I left Islam when I was studying at UCI during my freshman year. About a year later, after a street-racing car accident and much introspection and research, I returned to the religion. My passion is to teach people about what Islam really is in an easy-to-digest manner, but without watering things down.”
He finds inspiration in his past. Umar explains, “What inspires me to serve is a promise I made to God after I was about to go to jail, but I was saved from that. I try to keep my promise to this day. Also, knowing that I can help people avoid the mistakes I made in life (and many are making those same mistakes) is also very motivating.”
For his dedication to his faith and his community, we name Imam Mustafa Umar as our newest Muslim of the Week.