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Muslim of the Week

April 15, 2019

Meymuna Hussein-Cattan

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is proud to name Meymuna Hussein-Cattan as our Muslim of the Week!
Meymuna’s largest project is the Tiyya Foundation, an award-winning foundation recognized for the positive impact it has made in the lives of many refugees in Southern California. One of the largest focuses of Tiyya is the youth programming for refugee and low-income children. Recently, the Tiyya Foundation began Flavors from Afar, a catering service offering unique meals with flavors from places such as Somalia, Syria, and more. Tiyya and Flavors from Afar are up for a remarkable grant that could help many refugees find long term employment in the culinary arts. Vote for this amazing cause at during the week of April 22nd-April 29th.
One of the most important lessons that Meymuna has learned in working with the Muslim community is, as she puts it, “Despite obstacles faced, we are resilient and help one another.” Many selfless Muslim and individuals of various faith help the Tiyya Foundation.
Hussein-Cattan’s personal journey is heavily influenced by her experience as a daughter of refugees. Fleeing Ethiopia and Somalia, Meymuna and her family settled in Orange County. Living with this sense of displacement inspired Meymuna and her mother to begin Tiyya. Meymuna finds her inspiration to serve in her desire to create a new narrative. A lack of satisfaction with media depictions of refugees drives Meymuna in her work in helping refugee families. Meymuna describes the foundation as “by refugees, for refugees” with the goal of empowering these individuals.
For her work in lifting up an often unrecognized community, we name Meymuna Hussein-Cattan as our newest Muslim of the Week.