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Muslim of the Week

January 14, 2019

Yusef Miller

Yusef is a key member in many organizations that are making a positive difference in his community. Not only is he a board member at his mosque, but he is also a founder of Mosques Against Trafficking (M.A.T), Pink Crescent, founder of Clergy for the Coastline, the Racial Justice Coalition (RJC), a volunteer for CAIR-SD as the Community Outreach Liaison, and more.
When asked about a lesson he has learned working in the Muslim community, he said, “Muslims are eager to help, but lack the ‘how to’ in most cases. We are a closed community. So, to activate our community, they have to be sure that our events will not cause legal trouble, which may affect some family members Immigration applications, cause undue attention by Islamophobes, or criminal records.”
His journey shaped his outspoken approach to helping those around him. Yusef Miller details, “I was born to Muslim parents in a poverty-stricken neighborhood, so I feel connected to the plight of the lower class struggle. I joined the Navy after High School as a Combat Medic, served in Iraq and Afghanistan and retired after 24 years of service in 2011. After that, l dedicated my time to social justice as mentioned above.”
Miller’s inspiration to serve his community comes from his family. Miller writes, “[My children] are watching me to know what’s important. So, I serve in the name of Allah”.For his unwavering commitment to improving societal injustices, Yusef Miller is our newest Muslim of the Week.