Assistance Resources for Palestine and Afghanistan

October 11, 2023

The Shura Council is asking the community to help support the victims of the recent violence in Gaza, Palestine, and the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan.

We have compiled a list below of some organizations that are collecting funds and/or assisting in emergency and recovery efforts. Please click on each link to donate or find out more.

Baitulmaal: PalestineAfghanistan

Islamic Relief USA: PalestineAfghanistan

HADI Relief: PalestineAfghanistan

Helping Hand: PalestineAfghanistan

Life USA: PalestineAfghanistan

Nahar Relief: Palestine

United Muslim Relief: Palestine

Zakat Foundation: PalestineAfghanistan

Launchgood campaign of the Palestinian American Medical Association for medical aid to Gaza

Additionally, the Shura Council of SoCal is working with local and national partners in forming and sharing resources advocating justice, relief work and other areas of developing need such legal and social empowerment.

Take 1 minute to Urge Your Members of Congress to Address the Root Cause of Mideast Violence Here.

Please keep the people of Palestine and Afghanistan in your prayers along with the people of everywhere else where there is difficulty.

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