Our History and Milestones

The Islamic Shura Council was formed on April 20, 1995, by the Muslim leadership as a  community-based nonprofit – 501(c)3 organization. This was a response to fill the need for an umbrella organization representing and advocating on behalf of the growing number of mosques and Muslim organizations in Southern California. It now has an impressive membership of 60 mosques and Muslim organizations. The organization also coordinated outreach campaigns and workshops on relevant issues for its constituencies. The linguistic meaning of Shura is the procedure of making decisions by mutual consultation and consensus

Working group formed
A working group, comprised of representatives of key Masajid and some activists, was formed to explore the formation of the Islamic Shura Council
April 20, 1995
Shura Council Established
Leadership of SoCal formally agreed to establish Islamic Shura Council of Southern California on April 20,1995 (A day after Oklahoma bombing).
1995 - 1999
Board Chair

Imam Haroon Abdullah

First Hajj Seminar
ISCSC organized first Hajj seminar in 1996 in S. CA in different centers in Southern California for Hajj trip preparation.
First Calendar of Events Published
ISCSC published first calendar of events for Southern California
March 28, 1999
Organized Unity Luncheon
Organized a special unity luncheon for all leaders of S. California Masajid and Islamic institutions at Masjid Al-Sharif in Long Beach.
April 18, 1999
Fund Raising for Kosovo
Organized emergency fundraising for Kosovo, which attracted more than 2300 people.
July, 1999
First Ever Unity Conference
Organized the first ever Unity Conference among all Muslims in S. California, which was held on July of 1999 and over 1,500 members of the community attended. The Los Angeles Times covered the conference.
September 11, 1999
Fund Raising for Kashmir
Held a seminar and fundraising banquet for Kashmiri people. Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Director of Kashmiri American Council in Washington, DC was invited as a guest speaker.
2000 - 2002
Board Chair

Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman

Jan 30, 2000
Fund Raising For Chechnya
Held a fundraising banquet for Chechnya. More than 800 people participated.
October 14, 2000
First Shura By-Laws Adopted
First Shura Council By-Laws were adopted.
October 24, 2000
Israa & Miraj Program
Organized first all Masajid program for Israa & Miraj. The event attracted more than 1500 people.
First Inter-Faith Dinner
Organized first Interfaith dinner to develop and promote mutual understanding in Pasadena.
March 10, 2001
First Ever Eid Picnic
Organized the first ever Eid Picnic of all Islamic Centers in Southern California.
June, 2001
First Imam Seminars
Organized first Imam seminars in Southern California, and the first Leadership Management Training Program was conducted.
First Moon Sighting Discussion Panel
Organized first moon sighting discussion panel with Dr. Ahmed Salama, followed by adopting a moon-sighting policy with the consultation of Fiqh Council of North America.
First Qiyamul Lail Program
Organized First Qiyamul Lail program at ISOC for all S. California Masajid with the publication of Duaa book.
August 7, 2002
First Imam Meeting
First Imam meeting organized by the Shura Council.
2003 - 2009
Board Chair

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

2010 - 2013
Board Chair

Dr. Maher Hathout

2014 - 2017
Board Chair

Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi

20th Anniversary Conference and Banquet
2018 - 2019
Board Chair

Dr. Ahmed Soboh

Purchased a Two-Story Building
ShuraTV Program Started
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Board Chair

Owaiz Dadabhoy

March 7, 2020
25th Anniversary Gala
COVID-19 Task Force Established
2021 - 2022
Board Chair

Dr. Azeem Syed

Board Chair

Dr. Ahmed Soboh

Together, we can continue to make a difference, In Shaa Allah!