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JULY 23,2020

Shura Commends NO BAN Act

Orange, CA – The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California commends the United States House on passing the NO BAN Act (H.R. 2486, formerly H.R. 2214). Shura urges the U.S. Senate to pass the resolution as well.

Shura, and the Southern California Muslim community, is proud of U.S. Rep. Judy Chu from Southern California, who had initially presented the resolution last year. Shura also recognizes the activists and Shura member organizations for consistently advocating for Muslim rights and playing a major role nationwide.

If it were to become law, the bill would overturn the efforts to redesign immigration policies which reflect bigotry. In addition to adding procedural checks to this authority, the bill would introduce a prohibition against religious discrimination in immigration-related decisions into an existing provision which bars discrimination on the basis of race, religion, nationality, etc. It would also expand the nondiscrimination provision to apply to the issuance of non-immigrant visas and the consideration of other immigration benefits, with limited exceptions.

The current ban unfairly impacts a number of Muslim majority countries, while also being a dangerous and misguided precedent for more wide-ranging discriminatory practices. The NO BAN Act will help clear the way for better immigration legislation in the years to come.

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful    

July 14, 2020

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday that almost 30 counties who have been on the County Monitoring list for three consecutive days, will be REQUIRED to shut down certain industries. Places of worship were included in this order unless they can “be modified to operate outside or by pick-up”. The entire geographical area the Islamic Shura Council serves is affected by the order. Calls were convened later in the day with Imams and Mosque administrators and conversations will be ongoing to share learnings and best practices. Restrictions for other service sectors were indicated and further details can be found at the official California State Government website

The Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, along with several others are on this list. It is distressing that the limits imposed will stop at least indoor if not all activities at our Mosques, but our recommendation in doing so is exercising an abundance of caution to save the health of our congregations and our fellow citizens around us. This has repeatedly been the stance of our Health Task Force and in formal interfaith discussions, other faith leaders expressed the same actions and sentiments. The California Department of Public Health updates also paint a grim reality of the increase in the rate of positive test results, hospitalizations, and ICU admissions, including the disturbing disparity in race among those affected.

All responsible individuals and committees in our respective member organizations are urged to take the time to review reliable and reputable sources on how and why it’s important to safeguard yourself, your families, congregations, and the community. Please continue to stay tuned to state and county official releases and guidance in this evolving situation. We thank everyone for making the extra effort to do our part to preserve and protect our well-being.  

Although we are hopeful that situations will improve, these restrictions may carry over to the Eidul Adha celebration if conditions persist. The format will likely be just as Eidul Fitr was but the spirit and intent behind the special day is to be commemorated. Further resources will be shared around the start of Dhul Hijjah to venerate and offer beneficial suggestions for the most blessed days of the year, the first ten days of the last lunar month. May Allah enable everyone to connect meaningfully to our creator and to each other in this time. May we all be granted divine providence and care in all we do.

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Mission: The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California assists Muslim organizations in serving the Muslim community of Southern California and the society-at-large. It represents the united voice of it’s members, coordinates community activities, enables effective communication, advocates on behalf of it’s member organizations, and fosters leadership development.

Vision: To be a leading organization for unity and excellence


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The Islamic Shura Council was formed on April 20, 1995, by the Muslim leadership as a  community-based nonprofit – 501(c)3 organization. This was a response to fill the need for an umbrella organization representing and advocating on behalf of the growing number of mosques and Muslim organizations in Southern California. It now has an impressive membership of 60 mosques and Muslim organizations. The organization also coordinated outreach campaigns and workshops on relevant issues for its constituencies. The linguistic meaning of Shura is the procedure of making decisions by mutual consultation and consensus. More History Coming Soon…

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