Shura Council Building Endowment

Project Overview

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California (Shura Council) has been working on many important initiatives, one of which addresses how organizations can be more self-sufficient through endowments. A little over two years ago, Shura Council pursued the idea of buying a building. Our plan was a bit unique and creative. Rather than raise all of the funds ourselves in advance, which would take a longer period of time, we invited organizations and local community members to invest in the building and receive a portion of the profits in the form of rental revenue. Alhamdulillah, we have been able to give our investors an annual return of 6% on their investment which we pay to them monthly.

The cost of the property that Shura Council purchased was 3 Million Dollars. Shura Council’s office occupies a small portion of the building, and remainder is available to various tenants, enabling the building itself generates to funds through rental revenue. Our goal is for Shura to buy back more shares of the building from investors, and once we repay them and acquire their stake in the rental revenue, Shura Council’s monthly organizational costs will be covered by these funds rather than appeals for donations.

Why support this cause?

  • Enabling the Shura Council to have this self-sustainability shows unity amongst our community and what we can accomplish when we work together.
  • Your donations to this project are a Sadaqa Jariya (Continuous Charity) and can be made on behalf of a loved one. The building is an endowment and is continually producing revenue that goes towards our services, and every on-going good that comes from these activities will be counted for the donor.
  • Shura Council does much important work within our community. From training current leaders, Imams, and future leaders, to giving presentations on Muslims and Islam in public schools/universities and Interfaith/civic settings, to bringing our Muslim charitable organizations together to share and learn from one another, to supplementing our Islamic school’s curriculum with projects such as Invisible Muslims (which focuses on historically Black and African stories and contributions on Islam throughout the Quran and Sunna leading all the way to the present), and to working to ensure Muslims within the criminal justice system have their religious rights protected, and much more!
  • Building the infrastructure of our community strengthens our foundation. This will collectively take our community to the next level and position us as a community in the US to build this endowment, leading to the next one, and so on into the future. This is what we need to do for Islam to be sustained for our children and grandchildren.

A gift to Shura Council today provides a brighter picture for future generations. When you make a donation to our endowment, you give a gift that is both immediate and long-term.

It is to that end that the Shura Council launched our Building Waqf (endowment) campaign. We are building an avenue of Sadaqa Jariya and creating a lasting foundation for generations to come.

Please make a difference with your support today.

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