Farewell from Duaa Alwan

Assalamu alaikum my dear SoCal community. As I prepare to move to Indiana with my family to embark on a new opportunity to grow and serve inshallah, I am compelled to affirm more than ever that the blessings of my SoCal home of the past 27 years are indeed uncountable.

The most transformational part of my personal journey accelerated six years ago when ISOC’s odds-defying voters elected me as its first female president. It was within ISOC’s blessed campus that I had the honor to roll with my community’s growing pains as I also learned from and leaned on the giants of our community.

Joining the Shura Council shortly thereafter revealed even more of Allah’s generosity which afforded me the opportunity to work alongside our community’s scholars, dedicated activists, and visionaries who don’t settle for second best. That is why I know that regardless of where I reside, I remain inshallah eternally grateful for the trust placed in me to have been amongst your leadership. Serving my SoCal community has taught me that there is always more to do, and always a better way to get the job done–the job of paving a path to Jannah by building a community that is inclusive, just, and purpose-driven for all.


Duaa Alwan

Welcome, Ibrahim K. Dyfan

Ibrahim received a B.S. in Business Administration from Cal. State Dominguez Hills with a focus on International business management and development. He has been part of Masjid Al-Shareef of Long Beach’s Shura board for 4 years and has been influential on the masjid rebuilding of its infrastructure and programs. Programs include, weekly food bank, community outreach and interfaith dialogue.

He has over 15 years of management experience with a Fortune 500 company. He oversees the day-to-day operations along with other company initiatives within 13 AutoZone stores. Ibrahim hires, trains, and retains high performing AutoZoners (AutoZone team members) and ensures optimum productivity, in a safe environment. Ibrahim monitors sales, cash flow, inventory control, expense control, shrink, and ensures and maintains compliance with company policies and expectations.