March 22, 2023

On behalf of the board, staff, and volunteers at the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, we wish you and your family a blessed and joyous Ramadan!

Ramadan is a season of blessings and divine gifts and we are fortunate to be able to witness it again this year. We encourage you to take advantage of this blessed time and dedicate most of your time to connecting with your Lord, His book, your masjid, and your loved ones.

Your local masjid leadership has been putting tremendous effort into preparing it for you to enjoy and make the best out of this month, make sure to express your gratitude and appreciation and offer help in any way you can.

We also invite you to tune in each evening on our YouTube or Facebook page, to our 30 with 30 Ramadan Reflections. Each evening, one local Imam will give a talk on one of the Names of Allah.

I look forward to seeing you during our visits to different Islamic Centers, during Qiyams, Tarweeh, or Ifrar events, Please feel free to share with us any feedback or suggestions to improve the work of the Shura Council to serve its purpose and the Muslim community.

Ramadan is also the season of giving and being generous, our prophet was described as being most generous in Ramadan. We have many opportunities to practice giving to our local centers and organizations and to support good causes through our local charity organizations.

May Allah keep us on the straight path, facilitate us to have a blessed and joyous Ramadan, and accept our devotional acts solely for His sake, Ameen.

Dr. Ahmed Soboh
Board Chair

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