Prayer for Rain

Every Friday

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Several states on the US West Coast are in the midst of unprecedented wildfire emergencies, including California which has seen more than 2 million acres burned, thousands of homes destroyed, and several lives lost. The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, after consultation with its Board of Imams, ardently invites all Masajid and institutions who are able and can follow jurisdictional orders, to specifically pray for rain, as found in the example of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him.  This is an emphasized Sunnah when the situation is warranted and it can be repeated when rain is delayed or when it is not plentiful enough. Fasting, giving in charity, and other acts of outward and inward obedience, which show need and reliance on the Almighty are recommended.  

The details of how and when to perform this devotional act of “Salatul Istisqa” can be found here. This prayer can be performed by individuals and families at home. A detailed sermon and supplication for rain in a previous and similar situations can be found online. Additional resources in Arabic can be accessed here for particular Duas and a more systematic guide.    

The Islamic Shura Council calls on surrounding umbrella organizations in the state to prepare for a collective statewide (or even national) consortium in organizing a statewide prayer for seeking rain.  One possibility to do this is after Friday prayer, if local Covid guidelines and conditions permit. The Jumuah reminder or Khutbah can include a dua for rain. Then after the Fard Salah, the two units of Sunnah prayer for rain followed by a second separate khutbah for that very reason may be done, although not compulsory. Depending on which Masjid is hosting services, abiding by corresponding county and State health mandates for gatherings within houses of worship, cannot be overlooked. We encourage you to work with religious leadership and Imams at your Islamic Centers and known institutions to confirm the practice and process for this act of worship. We ask Allah swt to send relief to the areas affected, aid the people displaced, replace the properties lost, and restore the natural environment harmed, ameen.