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Muslim of the Week

February 4, 2019

Issam Lagrichi

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California is pleased to name Issam Lagrichi as our Muslim of the Week!
Issam Lagrichi serves humanitarian causes as the San Diego area manager of the Helping Hand for Relief and Development organization. One recent role he has taken is with PHP: People Helping People.
Mr. Lagrichi’s work in his community has imparted valuable lessons. The most prominent lesson being, “The major lesson is that with the right leadership nothing is impossible and if things aren’t happening, yes it is the community to blame but mainly those who are failed leaders, yet too stubborn to step down and let those who are qualified take over and make a difference.”
Issam’s personal journey informs his work for his community. As he puts it, he was “born and raised in Morocco. At age 12 my beloved mother taught me and my brother how to pray, then my father told me ‘What are you doing? Go focus on your school!’ So growing up in a family that focused both on the love of God and academic achievement, I was able to focus on staying away from drugs in high school, moving to the UK at age 18, getting my degrees in Engineering and Business.”
As for his inspiration to serve, Issam explains it as “the love of Allah and the love of People. Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) taught us regular human beings that we can not attain the believer status until we love for others what we love for ourselves. An Islamic teaching adopted universally today as the ‘Golden Rule.’” For his dedication to the Muslim community and important organizations, Issam Lagrichi is our newest Muslim of the Week.