Muslim Speakers Network promotes religious literacy and mutual respect through on-site presentations and interfaith dialogues to schools, colleges, universities, churches and other community organizations.

Well-prepared presentations on Islamic topics, endorsed by well-known scholars are presented by certified speakers who went through rigorous training to be able to convey the message in a positive way to the audience. This project brought a lot of positive changes to how students in public and private schools view their Muslims classmates.
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What students and Teachers say about MSN:


What I found most interesting during your visit was when you talked about the pilgrimage… it’s truly an amazing thing since they all treat each other as family. Hearing about what you had to say about the pilgrimage and your experience was very cool so thank you for that.

7th Grade Student

I like to learn about different religions. I am a Christian. I learned a lot. The beliefs of a Muslim are similar to the beliefs of a Christian. You make me realize that I need to have a better relationship with God.

7th Grade Student

“Thank you so much for speaking to my students! It’s great to work together to break down prejudices and spread understanding …

10th Grade Teacher, Los Angeles