Muslim Charities Association (MCA SoCal) is a gathering of Muslim Charities serving the Southern California region. MCA strives to foster learning and collaboration between charities in order to benefit the Southern California community in the most impactful way. For the long term, we’re working to improve the infrastructure of Muslim charitable groups by advising new organizations and consulting with existing ones.

New Star Family Center (Family Justice Center), New Star Kafala, Muslim Mortuary and Cemetery Committee, Niswa, Access CA Services, IIOC, IIOC Link Outside, ICNA Relief S. CA, ICNA, Insan Foundation, ILM Foundation, Islah LA, MONA, Tiyya Foundation, MMM Charities, Lalma, Halal Project, ISOC Food pantry, Sahaba Initiative,Uplift Charity, 24/7 MIC hotline, Sabil USA, MiNDS, ISCN Charity committee,
Crescent Food Bank, Riverside Health Connect, Impactsocal, Olive Community Services, CAIR, ICOI Cap program, Islamic Relief, Husseini (org)/ Shia community, Create a Smile, Umma Clinic, Muslim Women’s Network of Socal, LA Food bank