Statement of Solidarity with Syrian People

The Islamic Shura Council and the Shia Muslim Council stand in solidarity against tyranny in this month of Muharram. We stand shoulder to shoulder in our united effort to serve the Muslim community — while reminding ourselves of the dangers of despotism and interference by external elements that undermine the interests of Muslims.

At this moment, we want to express our empathy and prayers for all people suffering under tyranny and lawlessness. The atrocities and suffering afflicted on the people of Syria by all sides of the conflict, including governments and terrorist organizations from all four corners of the world, has severely impacted the people of Syria. As a united group we are looking at where sectarianism is impacting us the most.

Therefore, we wish to express our deepest concern and support to the people of Syria who have lost 600,000 lives and have had millions displaced. Furthermore, the international refugee crisis from this tragedy is not being met with any resolution. We call on all members of our Ummah to stand in solidarity with the Syrian people. We direct efforts across our diverse American Muslim community to uphold justice by strongly vocalizing our opposition to all modes of oppression prevalent today. We are not secure until we have a united Muslim community.

As we end this month of Muharram, we remind ourselves of the sacrifice made by the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Imam Hussein, who was martyred as he took a stand against tyranny in fighting for justice.

We commit to standing up for all the oppressed and those who sacrifice for our freedoms.

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